Flickr Portfolio Ready for View

In addition to our portfolio here on WordPress, our website, and our Facebook page we are also trying out Flickr!  It is easy to organize our artwork for display in albums, and our homepage is basically a huge collage of all the fun things we are working on!

Check out or Flickr portfolio here!

New Website Platform for Sample Productions

We have been playing around with some new media!  One of the most responsive and easy to use FREE website creation tools we've used is!  It is easy to get started building your website, and there are tons of enhancements you can use, all in the FREE version!  Here are some of the features:

Live website TODAY

Great designs and templates

HTML5 website builder

Mobile optimization


Blog and Social media


Wix app market

and much more!

We are only starting out, but if you'd like to check out our site, click here.


Sample Productions is Excited to Attend Adobe Create Now

Sample Productions is very excited to be attending Adobe Create Now. Are you into being creative and expressing yourself? Designers, developers, strategists, video professionals, photographers, and more all come to exchange ideas and inspiration and learn about the new Adobe Creative Cloud.

There are many bonuses to attending including an annual Creative Cloud membership. Creative Cloud is the complete collection of Adobe's creative tools, including the latest apps and exclusive features. According to Adobe,  "It's everything you need to create anything."

You can find more details at:

End of Summer Celebration

We have been working with Wireless Advocates all summer on the AAFES project for the military and are pleased to announce the website is finally LIVE!  We tackled this project head on by re-designing everything from the navigation and color scheme to the ads themselves.  Check out the new addition to the AAFES website in our portfolio here or go to

Boston Marathon Tragedy: Find people in Boston

Our hearts and prayers are with the people of Boston today, as well as the responders at the Boston Marathon.  It is a horrible tragedy.  Google has launched its People Finder for the people of Boston.  You can find it here:

Sample Productions is going Wireless this summer!

We are excited to announce that we will be working with Wireless Advocates on another wireless project this summer!  We will be partnering with their ecommerce team and designing the user experience for one of their top clients!

Wireless advocates is works with several high end clients such as Costco, Car Toys and Staples.  Check out Wireless Advocates for all your wireless needs!

Find them here:

Spring colors are bright for 2013!

Spring is here! Finally this cold winter is on it's way out. With Spring coming in, along with it are coming new trends. One trend in particular that is coming this spring is BRIGHT COLORS!  If you're looking for some new colors for that room, office or advertisement check out this Pinterest board here.  If you're more into fashion, and want a new color palette to sink your claws into then check out this one at CSI by clicking here

Whatever you've been doing, it's time to brighten it up.  Goodbye old man winter!

Fun with Photoshop!

Now you can have some fun with Photoshop. My friend Christy LOVES fairies. I thought of her when I saw this Photoshop tutorial and I may very well be asking her for a picture to use to properly execute this latest tutorial for Photoshop in turning a subject into a fairy.

You can follow along with each design step by clicking on the link below. I love Photoshop! More tutorials and fun design facts to come!

Brochure Ideas

"The goal of a graphic designer is to create something that attracts attention using words, images, and color. An effective design is one that you will incorporate into your business website, social media presence, paper materials and anywhere else that your potential customer might be looking. Once you have captured their attention you will have a chance to give them the information they need to do business with you."

This is very true. Additionally, first impressions are the most important.When a potential customer is first being intorduced to your company, it is important that the marketing materials you provide to them are impactful enough to grab their attention and hold it.

In addition to attracting attention and conveying a professionalism about your company, your end goal is obviously to boost your sales. Sample Productions graphic design team will strive to help you reach your sales goals and present a great strategy for your business.

You can check out some inspirational brochure ideas here.

Blogging: Appearance Matters!

Blogging: Appearance Matters! How To Format Your Blog Posts For Social and Linkbait Success! This article helps define the ins and outs of blogging and how to be successful at it. Take a look for yourself at http://Appearance Matters: How To Format Your Blog Posts For Social and Linkbait Success for more info.